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out of the wardrobe

out of the wardrobe: narnia rpf
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As the name suggests, a place for RPF centered on the stars of The Chronicles of Narnia films.

Regarding content: No smut featuring Georgie or Skandar. Even Anna is iffy territory, as she was fifteen throughout most of filming, but definitely no Skandar or Georgie smut, because, well... come on.

Regarding lj-cuts: Anything longer than a drabble should be cut, as should art. Drabbles featuring NC-17 content should be cut.

Regarding OT (off-topic) posts: No icons. No pimping your comm/site/rpg/whatever. Definitely no spam/completely off-topic stuff; if you've got something you think is important then talk to juleskicks first. Nine times out of ten, though, if you have to ask if something's off-topic, it probably is. True story.

Regarding not getting sued: Fic and art should include a disclaimer. A simple "This isn't real" will suffice, though if you want to get longer, we're not going to stop you; extra insurance is never a bad thing. Which reminds me...

The fiction and fanart posted to this community are just that: works of art; that is, the imagination -- ie they're not real, and none of us will ever claim that they are.

(That works too.)