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Fic: Grief (the youngest of the three)

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Jun. 20th, 2006 | 03:12 am
posted by: juleskicks in outside_narnia

Title: Grief (the youngest of the three)
Author: Twinkledru J.
Rating: Adult
Fandom: RPF (The Chronicles of Narnia)
Disclaimer: So very totally not real. Never happened, and the odds that it ever will happen < .001%.
Pairing: Anna Popplewell/Liam Neeson, Anna/Liam/William Moseley implied.
Notes: My (slightly delayed) contribution to viola_dreamwalk's Behind Every Good Woman Rare Het challenge. Post-apocalyptic AU. Title from Ranier Maria Wilkes's "Sonnets to Orpheus VIII". Crossposted to my fic journal (greenspaces) so my apologies if you get this twice.

With the North Sea frozen there's not all that much boating to be done -- only a little water to cross. Sometimes the ice isn't all that stable, but it's thick enough, and even when they're separated, the snow doesn't fall all that often, and it's not much of a task to find your way back.

Tonight's hotel is empty, or close enough that they haven't seen anyone yet. William and Anna go to scrounge what they can from the kitchen, and Liam looks for the furnace to see if it still works.

"We're lucky tonight," he says when they meet him in the lobby. "Heat and hot water."

"Yeah, looks like," William answers, grinning as he holds up his prickly prize. "We found pineapple."

"And champagne," Anna adds.

There'd been nobody in the kitchen, living or dead. They've taken what they can carry, but left enough to pretend that other people might come along.

Also lucky, she supposes, because the phones are out here, too, and none of the computers' Internet connections are working. That, too, makes it easier; they can pretend that maybe their people are all fine.

William just wants a shower tonight, but Anna has been twitchy in a way he recognizes even after the day's walking. He's not sure why he's got so attuned to their moods; it's only been a couple weeks' walking and he spent far longer with Anna to end up far more clueless during filming.

He leaves the door open, because they all like the steam that fills the room, and he's surprised when he hears Liam groan. First because he wouldn't be able to hear it over the water unless he were listening for it, and second because even tired as he is his dick takes notice.

Through the foggy glass of the shower door, he sees them clearly enough to see that Anna is lying on top of Liam, and tired though they may be there's a raw something to their movements.

She can't see anything from the window, nor anyone.

She doesn't look for very long, doesn't want to. Anyway, Liam pulls her onto the bed, so that she doesn't face the window anymore. She's dimly aware of the steam billowing out from the bathroom. No one can get warm most of the time, and William left the door open because she asked him to.

"You alright?" he asks her, as always, and she just smiles tonight and lets him kiss her cheek, the tip of his nose scraping against her eyelid.

"Yeah," she says.

Anna hasn't let her hair down yet, and Liam wonders if she's even aware that it's still up. He lets his right hand get tangled in it and pulls her face closer to his own. She rests her forehead against his, eyes closed and biting her own lip as she concentrates on guiding him into her.

The walking -- much of it in the wind -- has hardened all of them, but most of their skin is covered outside. The shape of her arse has changed a little, but the skin of it is still soft beneath his left hand.

She kisses him at last, and they swallow each other's grunts. For once the sound of the wind is lost.

William's hair is still wet when he pulls the covers up and the mattress shifts as he slips into bed with them.

"Hey, you," Anna says, and lifts her head enough to peer at him over Liam's shoulder.

William smiles. Liam's still awake enough to put an arm around him as well. Through the window, flakes have started to fling themselves from out of the blackness, and she falls asleep listening to the wind and their respective breaths.

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