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[fic] running with mascara eyes [anna]

Mar. 11th, 2007 | 02:39 pm
posted by: bantha_fodder in outside_narnia

Running with Mascara Eyes by Pen
Narnia RPF, Anna Popplewell, G.

These five hundred words are completely unbetaed, totally self-indulgent, and mostly for hobviously. Set during the filming of Prince Caspian. Call this a practice run before we get the movie next year.

Running with Mascara Eyes

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Fic: Grief (the youngest of the three)

Jun. 20th, 2006 | 03:12 am
posted by: juleskicks in outside_narnia

Title: Grief (the youngest of the three)
Author: Twinkledru J.
Rating: Adult
Fandom: RPF (The Chronicles of Narnia)
Disclaimer: So very totally not real. Never happened, and the odds that it ever will happen < .001%.
Pairing: Anna Popplewell/Liam Neeson, Anna/Liam/William Moseley implied.
Notes: My (slightly delayed) contribution to viola_dreamwalk's Behind Every Good Woman Rare Het challenge. Post-apocalyptic AU. Title from Ranier Maria Wilkes's "Sonnets to Orpheus VIII". Crossposted to my fic journal (greenspaces) so my apologies if you get this twice.

You can see, around her motionless shoulders, a feeling/dawns -- we sense more and more that [Grief] is the youngest...Collapse )

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[fic] one button to push [william and anna]

Jan. 10th, 2006 | 09:02 pm
posted by: bantha_fodder in outside_narnia

One Button to Push
Narnia RPF, Anna and William, rated PG.

This is very probably a (fairly dorky) belated gift for Twinkledru J, even though she NEVER READS MY FIC THE HO.

Sloane helped. With the spelling.

One Button to Push

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a post. the first.

Jan. 9th, 2006 | 06:54 pm
posted by: bantha_fodder in outside_narnia

Due to the sad and grievous lack of actual posts in this community, I am going to make a brief summary post.

To whit:

Roz delighted us lo these many weeks ago with Portrait of a Lady, a faux-British romp, rated R.

I wrote Narnia RPF about a week ago: Two Breaths Backward, Half a Step Down, rated PG, featuring James McAvoy and a cast of Pevensies and Tilda. Also featuring a super special cameo by Jessica.

The delightful Miss Twinkledru wrote mere days ago: Your Mum Thingy, PG-13, featuring William and Anna and teenage NEEDS OMG.

That Person Roz remixed it (the aforementioned Thingy): Your Mum Thingy (Daddy Liam Remix), rated PG-13, starring Liam and his Huge Guilt Complex.

RPF is BAD and WRONG and TOTALLY UNTRUE, much like a lot of other things we naughty kids get up to on the internets, and I am WRITING IT AS WE SPEAK OMG.

If you are new to the "actors loving their castmates" phenomenon (cf Lord of the Rings), please take the time to ask questions, and also, pick up the Official Narnia Movie Companion. It will delight and entertain you, and be very informative.

Have I missed anything? Alright, hop to it. Sorry for sounding like a wanker. I'm Australian, I can't help it.

PS Is there a reason why Jules is a member of the comm but doesn't watch it? DOES SHE NOT LOVE US?!

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